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After a pointless battle over its constitutionality, last week the Senate Commerce and Nominations committees unanimously voted to recommend confirmation for former Rep. Larry Hall as Secretary of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, following a thorough and transparent hearing process where senators evaluated his qualifications, possible conflicts of interest and willingness to follow the law.


If you Enjoy NC Apples, you can thank Marvin Owings.  Marvin has served in Henderson County agriculture for over 30 years and he announced his retirement this week. As an apple agent, Marvin helped oversee the production of over 85% of the apples found in our great state.


Here is yet another example of the heroism we see from our local law enforcement officers, this one again from our State Highway Patrol.


Applications are now being accepted from high school students who may be interested in applying to become a Senate Page. Senate Pages may be between the ages of 15 and 18, or in the ninth grade. Pages must have prior approval from their principal and be in good academic standing.

This application is open to all students of the 48th District of North Carolina, and will be sponsored by NC Senator Chuck Edwards.


Very unfortunate that our new Governor would start his term by increasing the tax burden on our citizens.

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